Back to front web development for SMEs


Website Design & Development


  • French/English localised site
  • Secure client space for confidential document exchange (PHP)
  • Encrypted uploads readable only by client and site admin


  • French/English localised site
  • Bespoke e-learning system (PHP)
  • PayPal integration

Poetry in Translation

  • Bespoke Content Management system (PHP)
  • Custom login, search, file-upload and contact scripts (PHP, jQuery)
  • Conversion of extensive MS Word HTML archive to W3C Compliant HTML5

Poets of Modernity

  • Responsive design with randomly variable, large-image banner.
  • Canadian site hosting with corresponding privacy and copyright advantages over US equivalents.


  • Logo, responsive website and interface design
  • Digital goods delivery (Paypal IPN integration)
  • Bespoke client authentication system
  • Cloud-based app development

3000 Days of Dementia

  • Responsive website design
  • Integration of blog functionality

Mobile Web App Development


  • Property valuation web app coded in jQuery and PHP. Tabbed forms with pdf report generation
  • PayPal integration

APLH Mock Examination Study Pack

  • OO PHP app with custom MVC skeleton
  • Responsive, bespoke jQuery UI
  • HTML5 reader, slideshow and quiz components

Digital Publishing

APLH Licensing Manual

  • Amazon Kindle edition
  • Paperback (Createspace)

APLH Exam Software

  • Windows CD-ROM

3000 Days of Dementia

  • Amazon Kindle edition
  • Paperback (Createspace)

Poetry in Translation

  • More than 30 Amazon Kindle, iTunes and B&N eBook editions
  • Paperback (Createspace)